Best Management Practices (BMP)

Business BMP

By using common sense practices, businesses can help the water quality in the rivers and streams in Rutherford County. Don't dump or pour pollutants directly into the storm drains or roadside ditches. Always remember that water that goes into the storm drains and roadside ditches flows directly into our streams and rivers - IT DOES NOT GET TREATED!

The following are BMP Guides for different types of Business:
• Automotive Maintenance and Car Care BMP
• Food Services BMP
• Landscaping, Gardening, and Pest Control BMP
• Mobile Cleaner/Vendor Reference Guide

Construction BMP

Sediment is one of the major pollutants of Rutherford County's waterways. Not stabilizing the soil after construction has been complete, could lead to potential deposits of silt into our streams. Following an erosion control plan or stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) for a construction site can help the overall health of Rutherford County's rivers and streams.

Construction BMP Guidance & Manuals:
• TDEC Construction Site BMP Manual
• Heavy Equipment & Earth Moving Activities BMP
• Detention Pond Maintenance BMP
• Tennessee Construction Guide to Cleaner Water
• Guidelines for maintaining your swimming pools, jacuzzis, and garden fountains.
• Mulch Facility Information

Land Disturbance

Any construction activities over 1 acre of land requires a Rutherford County Land Disturbance Permit.