Resident Information

The residents of Rutherford County have a part in the County's efforts to have healthy rivers and streams. Everyday activities pose water quality issues for our streams. By using common sense and best management practices, residents can help the County's efforts in water quality.

What goes down storm drains and into roadside ditches drains straight to the rivers and streams. Stormwater is not treated!

Below are a few brochures to help residents to be conscience of water quality issues.
Tennessee Home Owners Guide to Water Quality
Home Repair & Remodeling Brochure
Landscaping, Gardening, and Pest Control Brochure
Cleaning up After your Pets
Livestock Owners
Tennessee Smart Yards Program: Great Ideas on how to Maintain your landscaping
• Drainage Easements: Homeowners Information
• Flooding and FEMA: Homeowners Information

Storm Drain Marking Program

Please contact Shelia Huffmire at 615-898-7732 or [email protected] if you or a group are interested in being part of the Storm Drain Marking Program. The group would go out and glue markers to existing storm drains to educate the public that water that goes into a storm drain does not go to a waste water treatment plant to be filtered and cleaned.