Post Construction Requirements

To meet State regulations, all developments must address water quality issue with runoff leaving a site. To address this issue Rutherford County requires all development and redevelopment that has over 15,000 square feet of impervious surface to remove 80% of total suspended solids (TSS). For more information on the requirement see the Chapter 4 Section 2 of the Rutherford County Stormwater Management Ordinance. Listed below are the approved Post Construction BMPs to achieve the water quality requirements with their removal rates. Please note that not all BMPs can meet the 80% removal rate, but must be part of a treatment train process to achieve 80% removal. Please download the Rutherford County Water Quality and Drainage Worksheet for help designing treatment trains to achieve water quality requirements.

Sec. 6 Stormwater Post Construction BMP Manua
PTP-Intro Introduction
PTP-01 Stormwater Wet Ponds
  Constructed Wetlands
PTP-03 Bioretention
PTP-04 Surface Sand Filters
PTP-05 Water Quality Swales
PTP-06 Dry Detention
PTP-07 Filter Strips
PTP-08 Grass Channels
PTP-09 Greenroofs
PTP-10 Underground Sand Filters
PTP-11 Perimeter Sand Filters
PTP-12 Organic Filters
PTP-13 Gravity (Oil-Grit) Separators
PTP-14 Infiltration Trenches
PTP-15 Permeable Pavements